EXPLORE - a program for new beginners!


This program is for students wishing to try out an instrument (violin, cello, piano or bass) with no previous experience. It is a great opportunity to grow musical interest in children!  They will be immersed in a community of teachers and students of all ages who are enthusiastic about music.  This program will include:


-and introduction and basic instruction in violin, cello or piano

-group classes which teach various musical skills (with barred and rhythm instruments and singing games)

-learning about musical instruments and the orchestra

-being introduced to historical composers through music history skits 

-the opportunity to observe more advanced students in rehearsals and performance

-attendance at our lunch-time concert series (optional)


For full day students, classes such as art, choir, and individual instruction would be added to the schedule.

Since this option is new for our program, the early bird registration fees will still apply.  Young children (ages 5 - 6) are welcome to register for the half day program, for children ages 7 we could accommodate them for either a half day or the full day if there is sufficient interest.  Please indicate your interest on the registration form and we will be in contact with you.