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Young Adult Program

An important aspect of the Cadenza program is to encourage young adult and older teen musicians (approx. ages 16 - 22) in their musical development and offer opportunities to explore how music might be a part of their adult lives.  At this age, many are considering gaining skills and experience in teaching and/or performing and are also seeking opportunities to develop leadership skills and make connections with other musicians, both peers and older professionals.  It is also a great encouragement for younger Cadenza students to interact with and be mentored by these young people.

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We realize there are many different levels of experience and skill with musicians ages 16 - 22, as well as different interests.  Some are eager to teach classes and perform and others are interested in taking some classes themselves as well as volunteering part time as assistants in classes led by others.  We hope to provide personalized opportunities for this age group which allow for much learning and growth regardless of the differences in prior musical experience or level of study. 


Given the nature of a personalized approach to this aspect of the program, the financial aspect of the program will need to be personalized somewhat as well.  We have created an outline of financial expectations for these various roles as well as a plan for how participation can be affordable for all.  (This is a general policy and adjustments may be made for individuals to either the options for involvement or the fee.)


Categories of involvement for ages 16 - 22:

(high school = will be finishing grades 11 or 12 by July)

(university = will be finishing at least the first year of university this spring, not necessarily studying in a music program but playing an instrument at an advanced level)


1 - High school or university - full time or part time student

 - registers as a regular student paying the regular fees as outlined on our website


2 - High school or university - full time or part time volunteer - no fee 

-participates as an assistant in classes, playing in chamber groups or orchestras in a supportive role, does not receive any lessons or coaching, does not do any class planning but assists students as directed by other teachers, may help out in various other ways (stage managing, serving snacks, setting up for classes, administrative tasks, ushering for concerts, leading groups of students, playground duty, etc.)

-this role may include leading some classes with guidance and/or performing in lunchtime concerts if the student has interest


3 – High School or University - part student/part volunteer - $175 fee** (for full week, full days)

-student role would include activities such as participating in a chamber group and/or orchestra at your level, having individual lessons, participating in pedagogy classes and/or other skill-building classes

-volunteer role would include some of the following options: assisting in classes, playing in chamber groups or orchestras in a supportive role, performing in concerts, giving leadership to groups of students, stage managing, serving snacks, setting up for classes, ushering for concerts, managing the administration desk, etc.


4 - University student teacher - no fee, honorarium (amount depends on nature of involvement)

-this role would include teaching classes, either alone or collaboratively with other teachers, performing in concerts, giving students individual lessons, etc.

-participation in pedagogy classes would be expected

-this would be a mentored experience as the student would work together with an experienced teacher in the class planning and evaluation


In the event that our Cadenza 2023 income exceeds our expenses we may be able to also offer modest honorariums to student assistants/volunteers who fit in categories 2 and 3.


**For option 3, an alternative to paying the $175 fee is to find a sponsor who would make a donation to Cadenza for the fee amount or higher.  We would be happy to make suggestions for businesses/individuals you could contact who may be willing to sponsor you.  As DKSM is a charitable organization, all donations received a tax receipt.  Contact us for suggestions if you are interested in this alternative.  

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